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How to Backup and Restore Your PC

Issues with stability of your system are bound to rise with continued use. Unfortunately, in such circumstances, millions of users as well as organizations worldwide end up losing vital data and installed applications and spend tens of thousands of dollars in trying to restore their system. This is often occasioned by the fact that many a users are never prepared to face disasters such as software crash, hard disk crash and virus infection amongst others. To save yourself from such agony and to avoid losing valuable working hours it is important to be backing up important data stored in your system on regular basis. In the event of a disaster, you will only need to restore the saved data and carry on with your day to day chores. Having recognized this as a need, the article aims at providing a helping hand on how to backup and restore your system.


  1. Click ‘Start’ from the taskbar and point to ‘All Programs’. In the popup menu that appears, select ‘Accessories’ and point to ‘System Tools’ and choose ‘Backup’ in the menu that appears,
  2. Click ‘Next” in the Backup or Restore wizard that appears therein.
  3. Choose ‘Backup files and settings’ and click ‘Next’. In the new page that appears you will be prompted to choose what to backup. To backup items stored in My Documents, Favourites, Desktop and Cookies choose ‘My Documents and settings’. To backup data for all the users in the system inclusive of their documents, favorites and cookies select ‘Everyone’s documents and settings and to backup all data stored in the hard disk, choose ‘All information on this computer’. However, it is recommended that you create a special folder into which to backup all vital data and select ‘Let me choose what to backup’.
  4. Thereafter, click ‘Next’ select a location in which to save the backup and give it a name. it is recommended that you choose an external location, i.e. flash drives or external hard disk. Click ‘Next’ to proceed with the process. In the new page that appears click ‘Finish’ to complete the backup process. This might take a while to complete.
How to restore backup data
  1. Click ‘Start’ from the taskbar and point to ‘All Program’. In the popup menu that appears, point to ‘Accessories’ and then to ‘System and Tools’ and click on ‘Backup’. In the Backup and restore wizard that appears therein select ‘Restore files and settings’ and click ‘Next’.
  2. In the new page that appears, choose the location where the backup was created. Under the ‘items to restore box’ check the data that you want to restore and click ‘Next’. To start the restore option, click ‘Finish’. The process might take some time to complete so be patient.


  • In order to have an up to date backup data, it is recommended that you backup your system on a weekly basis. However, this will depend on the number of users and the sensitivity of information therein.